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¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College welcomes you to our website. We are a secondary Lutheran Boarding College for Aboriginal students from Central and remote areas of Australia. At ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou, Christ is central to all we do.

The ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College is a vibrant and busy Christian educational community, providing a wide range of teaching and recreational programs for its students.

The College has two closely interwoven areas. One is the academic program; the other is the boarding program, both being equally important.

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College

Mission Statement

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College, with its vibrant and diverse multicultural community, works to foster living skills, worldviews and Christian faith, giving individuals the opportunity to embrace and practice their spiritual and cultural heritage.

Working Together

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College provides students with the essential capabilities, knowledge and attitudes to be able to operate effectively and independently.

Latest News

June 7, 2024
We win another Sports Carnival, the ADF and AFLW people visit and Careers Expo was a great success.

In this week’s ¬ť∂Ļ…ÁmadouTV, the VET Careers Expo is a great success,...

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June 27, 2024
We are looking for a new HR Officer

Do you like working with people? We are looking for a new...

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Campus Life

Building a vibrant community of creative and accomplished people

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Academic staff at ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College are committed to bridging the gap by providing students with positive educational, social and vocational outcomes.
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The Pathways department liaise with academic and boarding staff to support and guide students with the planning and development of career opportunities.
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The ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College boarding experience provides a 'home' away from home for students during the school term.
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¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou TV

Did you know ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College has its very own TV Station?


culturally diverse

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College fosters and develops cultural diversity, living skills, and Christian faith.

Personal Development

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou College teaches students essential skills, knowledge and attitudes for non-indigenous culture.

Guiding Principles

Courses in this broad field will help you think abstractly, approach problems methodically